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Rhodolite garnet

Second August posting

A few new stones tonight. I got on a round kick this week, so there are a few rounds. These are my new round design, that I have yet to come up with a name for, but it makes for a very bright stone with a lot of flash. Much more than the standard round brilliant.

This first one is a large stone 6.54 cts. It's from a relatively new find of Malaya garnet in Kenya.


Heading a little south in Africa, comes this Green Grossular Garnet. Now the picture is horrid on this. There is no brown or yellow or mixed colors you see, it's all green. Too dark to be a mint, and too light for a tsavorite, both of which are basically trade names for Green Grossular Garnets. I cut this one is a classic Princess cut as it suited the rough, and I needed to stop cutting rounds.


This next stone is the last of the Lindi Garnets I have.


One more round, this time a Montana Sapphire.


And this last one that I just finished about 10 minutes ago is a Rhodolite from Tanga Tanzania. Very nice color in any light.

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