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Spessartite Garnet

Mid November

I missed last weeks posting, we were back in Buffalo for a Puppy Mill protest at a pet store that sells dogs. 99.9% of all puppies for sale in a pet store come from a puppy mill. The only way to shut down the mills and stop this cruelty is to stop shopping at any pet store that sells dogs.

A few new stones tonight. This first one is a Montana Sapphire from the Missouri River


Next is something that I haven't cut before. It's a Demantoid Garnet from Namibia Africa. The African stones are not the same deep tsavorite green color of the Russian stones. The color in the photo is off on this a bit, in person its a stronger green with a warmer tone.


Next is a natural un-heated Tanzanite. I like these unheated stones as they show the 3 colors of tanzanite stronger than the heated ones, and though lighter in tone are very pretty.


Last up is a Loliondo Spessartite Garnet

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