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Mali Garnet

March 2nd Posting

The first listing for March is up, and who would think we would still be dealing with snow!

I wanted to post some less expensive stones tonight, so there is a variety of very affordable stones.

This first one is
Mali Garnet


Next is an
Umba Garnet


This stone is
Pink Sapphire from Madagascar, a very nice color, but has a sizable inclusion. If you can live with that, it's a heck of a deal.


Here is a
Tsavorite Garnet from Tanzania


And this last one is a
Yellow Danburite from Tanzania.


First new Stones for 2013

A few new stone to start off the new year. For some reason, everything ended up being round this week.

This first one is one of those fantastic colors from Afghanistan. It's a
Tourmaline with very pretty green/blue color cut in a round.


Next up is a
Mali Garnet. These are getting more and more difficult to find. I rarely see any rough. This one is cut in my Jua round design.


Back to Tanzania, and this
Mint Garnet.

1387 (1)

I haven't cut a
Montana Sapphire in some time. I always like working with these. Here's a small denim blue colored stone.


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