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On this page are all the cut stones I currently have in inventory. To see more information about a stone, click on the picture, this will take you to a detailed description of the stone, and any additional photos. To see a larger image, click on it.
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All photos are taken using SOLUX bulbs that are color balance to a warm dalight at 4700 deg K.

New Gems coming September 1st

Gem 2715 Pink Tourmaline

  • Gem 2715 Pink Tourmaline
  • Gem 2715 Pink Tourmaline

3.350 ct. Pink Tourmaline

A pretty pink Tourmaline from Nigeria that I cut into a hexagon design with a concave cut pavilion. The concave facets give the stone complete brilliance. 8.5 mm across the flats by 9.5 mm point to point. Nice in any light, but really nice in daylight or florescent light. [Videos Included]

Color: 8/10 Clarity: 9/10 Brilliance: 5/5 TQR: 9.0

Pink Tourmaline


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