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Gem 1922 - Chrome Tourmaline

  • Gem 1922 - Chrome Tourmaline
  • Gem 1922 - Chrome Tourmaline

2.41 ct. Chrome Tourmaline

This is a bit of a strange stone. I ended up buying a parcel of these stones while buying a parcel of chrome green tourmaline. Taking everything allowed me to get a better price. These stones are kind of a sunset torumaline, however they are chrome, as they do show up red under the chelsea filter. This one measures 9.06 x 7.54 mm. The color is again hard to photograph and does change a bit depending on the light source, sometimes looking more green, others more yellow. A few very small specs inside, faces up eye clean.[Video Included]

Color: 7/10 Clarity: 9/10 Brilliance: 5/5 TQR: 8.7

Chrome Tourmaline


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