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Every year at this time I add some small inexpensive commercial cut stones. These make nice gifts for you young up and coming gem collector, or just something very inexpensive to use as an accent stones. All the stones are natural gems. Assume the sapphires and rubies have been heated.

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Gem 2333 Spessartite Garnet

  • Gem 2333 Spessartite Garnet

3.2255 ct. Spessartine Garnet

I have a few of these garnets left from the find in Loliondo Tanzania. Nothing new here has been found in years. I have been hanging on to some of the cleanest stones, and this one. Very little "sugar" which is a trademark of these garnets from this location. I cut this one in my Signature Round Design, measures 8.459 mm. The photos show the sugar much more than you see with your eye. In person you see a very bright almost neon orange that glow in any light, even a dim room.

Color: 9/10 Clarity: 8/10 Brilliance: 5/5 TQR: 9.0

Spessartite Garnet


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