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Welcome to Precision Gem

Here you will find the finest quality hand cut gemstones, cut in the USA. I personally select each piece of rough, and cut each gem. Both traditional and concave cut loose gems are offered. By doing all the work my self…buying rough, cutting, photography and building the website, I can keep the cost down, and offer superior stones at more than competitive prices. The back to the website often as new stones are added every week as I cut them.

Precision Gem is a part of My Precious Gem

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Precision Cutting

Precision Gems are each hand cut with the utmost care with accurate facets meets and super high quality polish.

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Unique Designs

Unique design create a much more interesting finished stone. Both traditional flat facet designs and concave fantasy designs are used.

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Gemstone Rough

I carefully select each piece of rough, traveling the globe to find the finest rough material in many types of gemstones.

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Made in USA

I personally cut every stone, right here in the USA. Some gems are even mined in the USA such as Montana Sapphire, Oregon Sunstone and Tourmaline from Pala California.

The difference is quickly seen between these fine American custom cut gemstones and commercial cut stones overseas. I take great pride in every stone, insuring that the correct angles for the gem material are used to bring out the maximum brilliance. Each facet is carefully cut and polished to exacting meet points, even the girdle facets are polished. You will not see windows, lopsided symmetry or other flaws typical in commercially cut stones. Both Flat faceted and Concave faceted gems are available. New stones are added often so check back if you don't see what you are looking for.

Precision Gems are . . .

  • more beautiful
  • will make your finished jewelry more unique
  • are individual pieces of gem art
  • will sell faster in your shop, and with higher profits for you
  • custom cut loose gemstones for the gem collectors
  • Cut in the USA

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Just a few of the exciting styles of cutting

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Concave Round
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Rectangular Cushion
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Asscher Style

Keep up with new Stone Updates to the Website

I add new stones every week as I cut them. Normally the website gets updated on the weekends after I have 3 or 4 new stones finished. You can sign up for email alerts, or follow me on Twitter to be notified of the updates. To get email notifications you must sign up on the Contact Page, don’t email me, fill in the form instead. New stones will always be shown on the website page “What’s New”. Due to costly GDPR requirements, there will be no sales or business with anyone in the European Union until further notice.

Click here to browse my selection of finished gems. Each gem was cut personally by myself.